Salt Mine Berchtesgaden

Ars Electronica Solutions restages Salt Mine’s Treasure Chamber

The Berchtesgaden Salt Mine’s Treasure Chamber is one of the featured attractions on the guided tour through this complex—the so-called SaltTimeJourney. This huge underground space dug out of the rock recently got a total makeover by Ars Electronica Solutions. Four projection screens tell the story of salt in an abstract-crystalline visual vocabulary. Four sub-themes—nature, humankind, history and technology—are treated in animated sequences designed by AES. Just the right soundtrack underscores the impressive imagery. Another centerpiece of the installation is a pulsating salt lamp created by one of mine’s associates. The interplay of these elements—light, imagery, sound and space—immerses visitors in an all-encompassing sensory realm that further heightens the intense thrill of the SaltTimeJourney experience.

Project-Credits: Cécile Bucher, Stefan Dorn, Stefan Fuchs, My Trinh Gardiner, Thomas Lengauer, Johanna Mathauer, Patrick Müller, Benjamin Olsen, Dietmar Peter, Andreas Pramböck, Gerald Priewasser-Höller, Andrea Rovescalli, Stefan Rozporka, Markus Wipplinger

Foto-Credits: Johanna Mathauer