Samurai Museum Berlin

Creation of an eventful museum.

Berlin as a symbol for “Connecting Culture” gets as a further attraction a museum to the myth Samurai! In the permanent exhibition, which can be experienced with all senses, spectacular collection objects, mysterious creatures and legendary deeds from the world of the Samurai are put into a new museum context. On a total of 1500 square meters, the museum will display a variety of unique and rare exhibits from the holdings of the Peter Janssen Collection, which has been built up over 30 years, presented in a forward-looking, multimedia and interactive way using innovative technology.

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On DO 1.7.2021, a first look behind the scenes of the emerging Samurai Museum in the heart of Berlin was given at Deep Space LIVE. The future meets the past – the permanent exhibition planned and conceived by Ars Electronica Solutions will use new and spectacular technologies, interaction concepts and staging to take visitors on a breathtaking journey through time from the emergence of the samurai as a warrior caste to modern-day Japan.

Founder and collector Peter Janssen, scientific curator Martyna Lesniewska, designated museum director Alexander Jöchl, managing director Michael Mondria and overall project manager Ina Badics from Ars Electronica Solutions will discuss and present facts, backgrounds and visions amid the impressive visual worlds in Deep Space.

We have now completed the creation phase.
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