Space Expo

The Visitor Center Space Expo in Noordwijk (NL) has expanded its offerings with the new permanent exhibition ‘Earth from Space.’ The exhibition is based on the Φ-Experience of ESA (ESRIN) in Italy and was inaugurated during the ESA ESTEC Open Day, with the presence of Barbara Hoppel, the Director of Space Expo, Josef Aschbacher, the Director-General of ESA, and Dietmar Pilz, the Director of ESA-ESTEC.

‘Earth from Space’ places a focus on Earth observation, utilizing extensive scientific data to create an entertaining and informative experience for the entire family. Visitors are taken on an exciting journey to deepen their understanding of the significance of Earth observation in the context of space exploration. At Space Expo, visitors can explore the world of space exploration in all its facets, starting from the design and construction of space missions on Earth to their launch into space.

In a manner similar to the Φ-Experience in Esrin, Ars Electronica Solutions played a significant role here as well, in collaboration with the German Aerospace Center (DLR). Special highlights include the elevation model and the Half Dome Globe, a dome that allows the simultaneous representation of an entire hemisphere based on Earth observation datasets.

Project Credits:
Ina Badics, Florian Cossee, Stefan Dorn, Harald Moser, MyTrinh Müller- Gardiner, Andreas Pramböck, Roland Stampfer, Dominik Trichlin, Markus Wipplinger

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