Umdasch – Die Kunst der Inszenierung III

Dynamic visualization for client event

Umdasch staged a client event at the Alpbach Convention Center in October 2012. For “The Art of Showcasing III,” Ars Electronica Solutions developed a dynamic visualization that reacted to each person in attendance.

For the viewers of this visualization, it was almost as if the Austrian Alps had been transported right into the venue. Software measures the sound level in the hall, which directly influences the visualization of the mountain panorama. Thus, the depiction of the landscape displayed on multiple screens is modified dynamically.
Each participants becomes an individual part of the visualization—upon entering the hall, his/her route to the summit is depicted in the Alpine terrain. This makes every attendee a part of the showcase.

Client: Umdasch Shopfitting
Project Credits: Bernd Albl, Cecile Bucher, Martina Karrer, Youri Marko, Benjamin Mayr, Patrick Müller, Otto Naderer, Nicolas Naveau, Stephan Pointner, Marko Prskalo