BeeHive is an Ars Electronica Solutions product that displays and documents an event from the audience’s perspective. A smartphone on which the BeeHive app is installed can take photos and videos and upload them to a central platform where they’re accessible by others.

And that makes it just the right point of departure for Übermut [Exuberance], a project by visitBerlin and Hamburg Marketing designed to provide a global platform for the German artistic & creative scene. THE SCHWARM is a collection of creative content “made in Germany” that’s geographically projected on a world map. By enabling artists to digitally register their experiences and personal takes on what’s happening out there, they can then establish a visual linkup beyond Germany’s borders and thereby get in a position to expand their own network.

Have a look at the project website THE SCHWARM

Project Credits: Ina Badics, Marcus Dittebrand, Stefan Dorn, Martin Gösweiner, Claus Zweythurm

Visit Berlin