4CD–Fablab / Ursulinen Innsbruck , Photo: Peter Hausegger

4CD–Fablab Ursulinen Innsbruck

Ursulinen High School Innsbruck

The attached works were created in the winter semester 2022/23. The 14 students of the 4CD handicrafts group were given one semester to learn about the different technologies (3D printing, cutting plotter, laser cutter, and microcontroller) in our school’s own Fablab and subsequently apply them as diversely as possible in freely chosen projects.


School: Ursulinen High School Innsbruck

School group: 4CD

Students: 14

Teacher: Peter Hausegger

Ursulinen High School Innsbruck

The school group had no prior knowledge of digital fabrication and robotics before starting the project. At the end of the semester, some students had already acquired their own 3D printers and microcontrollers, which they used to implement projects of their own devising in their free time.

Peter Hausegger has been teaching physics and handicrafts at Innsbruck high schools since 2015 and specializes in digital fabrication and makerspaces in schools. Additionally, he teaches Technology & Design at the University College of Teacher Education Tyrol and works as an expert in his subject for the Ministry of Education, BMBWF.