ALL PLAYERS TOOL LAB. / Masatane Muto (JP), Dentsu Lab Tokyo (JP), Photo: Masatane Muto, Dentsu Lab Tokyo


Masatane Muto (JP), Dentsu Lab Tokyo (JP)

There are many people who have not been players due to their disabilities. But the idea for one person can be a powerful force to move the world forward, just like the alleged inventor of the typewriter who built it in order to communicate with a blind friend. Our challenge is to shift the social stereotype that people with disabilities cannot be players, by utilizing a technology and creativity.

Due to our mission, we launched a platform ALL PLAYERS TOOL LAB. First, we worked with two ALS artists to develop a music instrument that utilizes the possibilities of gaze input. For ALS patients who suffer from paralysis of the limbs, operating computer applications using eye gaze is a primary tool for creative activities. However, such tools require eye movement to operate detailed buttons that are designed for normal people to operate with a mouse, making it difficult to use them in a real-time performance. Therefore, with ALS musicians, we enable live performance with the line of sight. Three tools were made: “EYE XY PAD,” specialized in real-time performance, “SHOOTING PAD,” solves the issue of remote performance, and “EYE MIDI PAD” focuses on integration with the Ableton Live UI.


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