Photo: Alberto Harres


Alberto Harres (BR)

a speculative archeological experiment

ARCHE-SCRIPTURES revolves around understanding ceramics as a possible medium in which to store digital information. It “emerges from an impossibility, from the ambivalence between two disparate realms: archaism and future” (Fabi Borges). It proposes an archaic digital medium, a paradox of fragility and permanence. Presented as the unearthing of an ancestro-futuristic artifact, a machine attempts to reveal the sonified audio data engraved on its surface, speculating on the future of our digital traces.


Chi Him Chik – Sound Design

Alberto Harres

Artist and technologist, Alberto Harres works in the multiple intersections between art and technology, often having language as the central gravity point. In recent years he has been mostly concerned with the creation of archives as an artistic practice, and the poetical and political dimensions that they can take.