The Architecture of Memories / Mathieu DeBlois (CA), Photo:

The Architecture of Memories

Mathieu DeBlois (CA)

Memories, encompassing terrains, spaces, people and emotions, are reinterpreted through 3D scanning to create a Unity-based archive. Inspired by Barthes’ Atopia (1995) and Debord’s Drift (1956), this VR project employs point cloud images, ambisonic sounds, and melodies to craft a 360° immersive experience within this mnemonic landscape. Project developed in collaboration with composer Philippe Racz and programmer Romain Salha.

Mathieu DeBlois

Artist-researcher Mathieu DeBlois focuses on immersive A/V compositions. In collaboration with electro-acoustic artists and programmers, DeBlois develops sensory-immersive experiences that probe temporal sampling, time archives and spatial composition. He is a Hexagram Network Masters’ student member at École NAD, Université du Québec à Chicoutimi.