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Art Meets

Michaela Limberis (ZA), Precious Mhone (MW), Tammy Langtry (ZA)

The Art Meets app project is a digital platform that promotes, spotlights and connects visual arts ecosystems.

In 2020, the Art Meets team hosted an online research project to understand how an app could serve in a specifically African context, particularly in the wake of COVID-19.

Through these learnings, the app was built to accommodate varied levels of arts infrastructure, with the aim to support and engage systems of economic exclusion to build professional networks. These are unique issues within our industry and continental context.

The app’s key features in the current beta MVP:

Profile – add yourself to the map and share your work and affiliations Direct messaging

Discover page and Interactive map – using geolocation to navigate, locate and view pins such as: artists’ studios, public art, multimedia art projects, space and events. Create – Events, Projects, Collections

Exchanges – share space, skills and resources between users.

Michaela Limberis (ZA), Precious Mhone (MW), Tammy Langtry (ZA)

*Art Meets* is a remote team of curators whose work experiments with different models of engagement in the field of contemporary art. We produce exhibitions, programming, videos, podcasts, and the *Art Meets* app. Projects include Art Meets a Podcast: Existential Thought and Concepts of Ubuntu Coming From Africa (2021), 24 Hour Pageant: Symptoms of an Essential Worker (2020), C l o s e r Than Ever (2017).