City of Hope: Hoffnungburg / Jiseob Kim (KR), Jimin Lee (KR), Photo: Jiseob Kim, Jimin Lee

Beyond the Sight

Sungkyunkwan University | SKKU (KR)

We are living in a world filled with indiscriminate noise. These noises intertwine and obscure the truth, obstructing our path to reach the fact. We aimed to examine the elements that cover our sight amidst this noise. Our efforts, combining humanities, arts, and technology, sought to uncover the origins of these noises. Our project delves into the roots of noise beyond our sight, using the mediums we have created. Sungkyunkwan University, built upon the values of integrity and foreknowledge, has been exploring the fusion of human, technology, and interdisciplinary research for over 600 years. We pursue education to create content and recognize the importance of collaborating with industries for content production and utilize the geographical advantage of the “Daehak-ro” area, also known as the “Broadway of Korea,” to establish the Department of Culture and Technology as a platform where students and creators can freely experiment and produce various forms of content.

  • City of Hope: Hoffnungburg

    City of Hope: Hoffnungburg

    Jiseob Kim (KR), Jimin Lee (KR)

    City of Hope: Hoffnungburg suggests that artificial intelligence and digital twins are created and changed under human control. It expresses the appearance of a virtual city that changes according to the information called “heartbeat” that reflects the emotional state of the audience.

  • Discord


    Yongmin Jo (KR), Junha Park (KR)

    Discord is an artwork that presents the Earth shaking unsteadily amidst the sounds of hatred and conflict, creating a vivid multisensory experience for the audience. The Earth-shaped sphere, connected to the woofer speaker with wires, is shaken by the vibration of the sound, providing a tangible representation of the artwork’s message.

  • The Universe Thinks

    The Universe Thinks

    Eunji Hong (KR), Sumin Lee (KR), Jihae Park (KR)

    The Universe Thinks is a generative art highlighting the profound connection between the universe and the human mind. The art projects a clustered web that superficially resembles a person’s neuronal network and sparkles with the presence(sound) of another human being.


Hosted by: Sungkyunkwan University.
Project Director: Soowan Kim and Sanghun Sul
Organized and Operated by the Department of Culture and Technology.
Project Management: School of Convergence, Jang hyun Kim and Byeng-Hee Chang