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Brain-Computer Interface & Neurotechnology in Games 

g.tec medical engineering GmbH (AT)

Brain-controlled Games

Gaming makes us happy and optimistic; games challenge us with problems to solve and obstacles to overcome. But what if games are controlled by your mind? What if secret doors can be opened by the power of your brain? 

Whether you are a gamer, a game developer or a large gaming company, with Unicorn Hybrid Black and Unicorn Unity Interface you integrate a high-quality brain-computer interface technology into your game experience. 

Visit the exhibition and let the BCI games begin! Try out some Brain-controlled Games, learn how BCI games are developed or experience playful BCI fashion-tech.  

There is a lot more to learn about brain-computer interface technology from g.tec medical engineering, an Austrian based company that develops and produces high-performance brain-computer interfaces and neurotechnology used worldwide by many renowned universities and companies. 

Brain Buddies – A BCI Game: A brain-controlled multiplayer game 

Brain Buddies was developed during the BCI Game Jam 2022 by g.tec medical engineering. The aim was to integrate a BCI (brain-computer interface) into a game for impaired children who are unable to use their motor functions.This game can be played as single player or multiplayer, where one player is controlling the keyboard and the other/s is/are controlling the BCI.   

Platformer 3D – A BCI Game: A brain-controlled balancing act 

The Platformer 3D game is made in Unity. Collect as many coins as possible but be aware of the obstacles thrown your way. The BCI player has to concentrate on the flickering boxes that are blocking the way. Once players have concentrated on the box successfully, as measured by the EEG headset, the box explodes and sets your way free to move. Each collected coin closes a bridge which allows you to move further. You can only win if you master both the keyboard control and the BCI control perfectly. 

BCI Headset for Game Development: Unicorn Hybrid Black – The high-performance EEG Headset 

Get your head into the game! Use the Unicorn Hybrid Black EEG headset together with the Unity Interface and you’ll be able to start a new gaming experience in 2D and 3D. All the EEG processing is handled with high performance by Unity Interface, allowing you to concentrate on the development of the game itself. The software add-on gives you predefined control schemes that you can place easily into your game.

AI-Puzzle Game for ADHD 

Use the power of your brain to unlock a fantastic AI-generated image! Focus on a puzzle piece to make the pieces visible, one by one. AI-Puzzle Game for ADHD requires good concentration and patience which allows a quantification and enhancement of the concentration performance of the BCI player concerned. This game is especially interesting for children suffering from ADHD. 

Connect your Brain to ChatGPT & Midjourney

Let’s interface your brain with AI using EEG technology that measures your brain activity, with Connect your Brain to ChatGPT. The BCI systems send the EEG data to ChatGPT enabling AI to interpret what is going on in your brain. The results can be submitted to Midjourney which generates an image based on your brain activity and AI. 

g.tec medical engineering GmbH (AT) 

g.tec medical engineering develops high-performance brain-computer interfaces for research and clinical applications. g.tec’s systems are used worldwide for neuroscience research, measurements of the brain, heart or muscle activity, brain assessments of severe brain injuries and disorders of consciousness, motor rehabilitation for stroke and multiple sclerosis, neuromarketing, deep brain stimulation, brain mapping, neuroprosthesis control, closed-loop BCI experiments and ALS/Locked-in communication.