Underneath the Wings of a Butterfly / Ars Electronica Garden Enschede: Tetem (NL), photo: vog.photo

Underneath the Wings of a Butterfly

Ars Electronica Garden Enschede: Tetem (NL)

Step into a journey where a butterfly leads you through a contemporary mask of happiness. This shiny, golden facade hides a world grappling with decaying nature, drastic climate change and a boiling revolution. Our planet yearns for reinvention. Abner Preis, an artist and storyteller, fills this space with colorful, humorous and critical installations. The exhibition invites you to rediscover this world, recover seeds from the past and contribute to a hopeful future. Experience and interact with Abner’s creations as he combines the tangible and the virtual.

Follow the augmented butterfly as it traverses a world shaped by human influence, ultimately taken over by technological butterflies, bees and low poly flowers. Immerse yourself in a near-tangible experience that brings to life urgent issues such as climate change, the refugee crisis, economic recession and consumerism.

Amidst this AR world, discover The Miracle Basket, a Virtual Reality (VR) experience. You become the center of a story told by a grandfather, recounting a carefree past when harmony with nature prevailed. The arrival of a spaceship loaded with people and consumer goods disrupts the paradisal village, transforming it into an apocalyptic world. Throughout this VR journey, unravel the power of decisions and your role as a human in shaping a hopeful future.

  • Underneath the Wings of a Butterfly

    Underneath the Wings of a Butterfly

    Abner Preis (NL)

    Underneath the Wings of a Butterfly invites you to explore the paradox of happiness and the urgency of our time. Join us on this immersive adventure, planting the seeds of change and sowing the path towards a brighter tomorrow.


Tetem is a platform for research and development. Within artistic practice, Tetem contributes to the growth of makers, the development of their work, the evolution of the media genre and the strengthening of the community. It promotes synergy between creators and society and provides creators with access to technology, resources and expertise. Tetem supports artists who want to explore new media such as Virtual and Augmented Reality and use them in their artistic practice. Tetem also provides an exhibition platform for artists for increasing their visibility and reaching a wider audience.


This exhibition is a co-production with Institute of Time, an interdisciplinary film and new media company based in Utrecht and Istanbul specializing in AR and VR productions. The VR installation The Miracle Basket was developed in collaboration with Valk Productions.