Camarina #2 / Rocío García Robles (ES), Amalia Ortega Rodas (ES), Photo: Rocío García Robles, Amalia Ortega Rodas

Camarina #2

Rocío García Robles (ES), Amalia Ortega Rodas (ES)

The pearls of the dunes that walk on the sands

The resilient Camarina symbolizes nature’s adaptability and survival. The sand protects it from fire and its pearls offer support to the dunes and nourishment to wildlife, highlighting their interdependence. The pearls transcend the supposed ownership of nature by humans to become universal. It reflects on the multifaceted epistemology of truth, its necessary re-connection to nature through SciArt expressions, and the role of individuals in conveying different meanings to that synergy.

Rocío García Robles (ES)

Transdisciplinary PhD. Artist, Fine Arts Degree, Computer Science Engineer. Lecturer, Head of ASTERISM. PI-1 of ASTER

Amalia Ortega Rodas (ES)

PhD in Fine Arts, Artist, Lecturer at University of Seville. Researcher of ASTERISM

ASTERISM: Art Science Technology Engineering Research Innovation, Synergies and Methodologies University of Seville