• European Platform for Digital Humanism 

    European Platform for Digital Humanism 

    With its Linz location, Ars Electronica is not only situated at the geographical heart of Europe, but also positions itself as a hub of European cultural intersection as partner institution in numerous collaborative EU-supported projects.

  • JKU Square: Next Truth Prediction

    JKU Square: Next Truth Prediction

    Johannes Kepler Universität Linz (JKU), JKU Zirkus des Wissens (ZdW), JKU Spin-off EUMETA, Time’s Up, William Kentridge, Rimini Protokoll, MIT Center for Constructive Communication (CCC) Cortico / POSTCITY, First Floor

    “Reason brings the truth to light.” This programmatic sentence characterized the Age of Enlightenment. Now we use probability distributions to approach reality. This refers to large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT (OpenAI) or Bard (Google), which are becoming central sources of information. An LLM is trained with massive bodies of text. It’s trained to…

  • Ars Electronica Solutions

    Ars Electronica Solutions

    POSTCITY, First Floor + Ars Electronica Center

    Ars Electronica Solutions conceives, designs and  implements interactive and multisensory worlds of  experience. Creative, individual solutions are developed for temporary and permanent public exhibitions, brand lands, trade fairs and events. State-of-the-art media technology is used in production, but it never takes centre stage. Ars Electronica Solutions always makes sure that technology is only a means…

  • Ars Electronica Center

    Ars Electronica Center

    Since 2019, the large permanent Understanding AI exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center on the Danube has been telling stories about artificial intelligence. Here, visitors can learn more about the fields of neurobionics, biotechnology, new materials and the global changes of our time. During the festival, brand-new media artworks and other visual highlights will also…

  • Transformation Lounge

    Transformation Lounge

    Ars Electronica (AT), Hakuhodo Inc. (JP) / POSTCITY, First Floor

    Transformation Lounge is a platform for promoting circular creativity, bringing together individuals from diverse communities such as art, industry, culture and government. Its purpose is to engage in discussions about the necessary “transformation” for the sustainable future of society and to create collaboratively new actions.

  • Guest Projects

    Guest Projects

    Our festival in this dimension could not be realized without the significant support of our partners. Their projects and events expand the festival with a diverse supporting program that will take place simultaneously in Linz and other locations from September 6 to 10, 2023.

  • IDSA FOUNDING LAB Exhibition

    IDSA FOUNDING LAB Exhibition

    POSTCITY, First Floor

    As part of this year’s theme exhibition, the IDSA FOUNDING LAB Exhibition highlights the topics explored within the FOUNDING LAB from an artistic point of view. Explorative and open-minded approaches of artists have proven their value to society time and again by offering unusual perspectives and alternative strategies to complex problems.

  • Forum: Digital Education 

    Forum: Digital Education 

    Thomas Geissl (DE)

    Although the compulsory subject Digital Basic Education (DBE) has recently been introduced throughout Austria’s schools for ten- to fourteen-year-olds, there is a lack of specific didactic exploration of the resulting new pedagogical possibilities and challenges. At the create your world Festival, representatives from the field gather to discuss the implications and conditions of implementing DBE…

  • S+T+ARTS Prize Exhibition

    S+T+ARTS Prize Exhibition

    POSTCITY, First Floor + Bunker

    This year‘s exhibition showcases two Grand Prize winners and a selection of honorary mentions and nominations that demonstrate the potential of artistic and creative input to create an impact by addressing current ecological, technological and socioeconomic issues.

  • Gentleman Scientist: Microecologies

    Gentleman Scientist: Microecologies

    Ars Electronica Garden Windsor: INCUBATOR Art Lab (CA), IOTA Institute (CA)

    Gentleman Scientist: Microecologies presents an alter ego developed by Jennifer Willet as an entertaining and gender fluid critique of the Western tradition of scientific rationality. He is a ringmaster, a time traveler, a buffoon, whose once white coat is filthy and has 8 snow globes filled with microorganisms attached. The scientist’s coat is presented in…