Deviation Game / Tomo Kihara (JP), Playfool (UK), @POSTCITY Photo:


Ars Electronica Garden Tokyo: Civic Creative Base Tokyo (JP)

A platform for civic creativity from Tokyo

CCBT is a platform for civic creativity where Tokyo citizens discover various social issues and engage in co-creation/development to overcome challenges together. Through creativity and technology, we aim to create a better society together with and for citizens.

The rise of AI today has facilitated expression for everyone, but it also means the maliciously minded cause confusion and alarm with fake news and AI-generated images. The digital information so artfully generated by AI can present new possibilities and new problems. AI is an object of fear as well as a tool for new forms of expression. The burgeoning AI industry also impacts national policies: decisions and handling vary from country to country, only creating more disparity. CCBT aims to provide an equitable forum for people to discuss, consider and act upon global issues regardless of where or who they are.

We are showing the CCBT-supported Deviation Game, by Tomo Kihara & Playfool, selected for the 2022 CCBT Art Incubation Program. Participants draw themed pictures which humans can recognize but which AI cannot. The work encourages citizens to probe the mutual evolution of AI and human expression and explore expressive potential through dialog with AI.

Additionally, the Deviation Game will also be exhibited at the Ars Electronica Festival 2023. During the event, participants’ drawing data will be collected and compared with the data gathered from Tokyo and London.

  • Deviation Game

    Deviation Game

    Tomo Kihara (JP), Playfool (UK)

    Deviation Game addresses AI’s increasing ability to imitate human acts of expression and questions how we can use AI to deviate and expand our creativity. Building on Alan Turing’s Imitation Game, we propose a new game where players must draw prompts in a way that only humans can understand, but AI cannot.


Under the vision “co-creative transformation of Tokyo”, Civic Creative Base Tokyo (CCBT) operates as an activity base, taking on the challenge of creative social experimentation in the city of Tokyo. Through art and technology, CCBT aims to transform the city by inspiring people’s creativity and accumulating new values produced by the intersection of different people.


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