Cité Mémoire Montréal / Michel Lemieux (CA), Victor Pilon (CA), Photo: Jean Francois Gratton

Cité Mémoire Montréal

Michel Lemieux (CA), Victor Pilon (CA)

Since 2016, Cité Mémoire Montréal, the longest narrative pathway of immersive experiences and projections in the world, comes alive every evening in Montreal.

Projected all over the city, the work appears on the very walls that surround us, the ground on which we walk, the trees that frame our present. Poetic, dreamlike and occasionally playful, the tableaux cover a range of milestones in Montréal’s history, significant characters and local slices of life.


A creation of 4D ART (Michel Lemieux and Victor Pilon) in collaboration with Michel Marc Bouchard. A production of Montréal en Histoires.

Michel Lemieux (CA), Victor Pilon (CA)

For 40 years, Lemieux and Pilon have been designing unique creative works in which the senses and emotions are heightened by the use of technology. Internationally recognized for their mesmerizing fusion of dance, theatre, music, visual arts and film, their unique creations merge the real and the virtual, performing arts and multimedia.