Photo: Austrian Institute of Technology

City Intelligence Lab 

AIT – Austrian Institute of Technology (AT)

Creating a smarter and more sustainable city 

The City Intelligence Lab is a pioneering laboratory for urban planning processes. The lab utilizes digital technologies to involve user perspectives, making it an international showcase for cutting-edge urban planning. It serves as an interactive platform, combining innovative processes with digital planning tools, including Big Data and artificial intelligence. By addressing challenges like climate change and digitalization, the lab aims to develop resilient and sustainable urban planning concepts.  

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest research organization, excelling globally in infrastructure fields. With seven centers, it focuses on future infrastructure topics and collaborates as a specialized R&D partner for industry. AIT drives fundamental innovations in Energy, Transport, Health, Digital Security, Vision, Automation and Technology Experience. It also specializes in Innovation Systems & Policy. AIT fosters innovation through scientific expertise, market experience, customer relationships and exceptional research infrastructure.