Creation Theatre / Wenjia Shi (CN), Yichen Fan (CN), Photo: Wenjia Shi

Creation Theatre

Wenjia Shi (CN), Yichen Fan (CN)

We simulate the process of creation using a physical model capable of generating 72 meaningful variations. The audience must contemplate and manipulate the model to achieve interactive functionality. Through the participant’s actions, a non-linear and ever-changing story unfolds.

Wenjia Shi (CN)

Wenjia Shi is a sophomore at ShanghaiTech University. As an ESTP Gemini, she loves video games and musicals. She is an industrial design student who embraces all the cutting-edge techs and trends.

Yichen Fan (CN)

Yichen Fan is a student at the School of Creative Arts, ShanghaiTech University, and majors in industrial design. She is a girl with a passion for singing, watching movies and all things art. She brings an elegant and cultured touch to her work, always striving for unique and innovative designs.