dBlech / Daniel Haas (AT), photo: vog.photo


Daniel Haas (AT)

dBlech is an audiovisual installation, an object that creates, manipulates and reflects sound and light. A mirror-polished metal-plate is excited with transducers driven by audio signal to create sound and vibration. Through the plate, the signal becomes audible, with its material properties directly affecting the sound characteristics. At the same time, the surface is deformed, visualizing the transverse waves in the mirror. This artwork connects multiple layers of our perception. Sound and light are inextricably linked since both arise from one and the same source. It blends into its environment, takes the space and starts to change the vibration of its surroundings until everything resonates in unison.


Funded by University of Arts Linz and Linz Kultur

Artistic and technical support: Joachim Smetschka, Holunder Heiß, Cécile Bucher, Matthias Narzt, Enrique Tomas, Wolfgang Dorninger

Daniel Haas (AT)

Daniel Haas is a musician and media artist based in Linz/Austria. Using tools such as synthesizers and programming, his works focus on creating unique synesthetic experiences, changing our perception, showing us what is hidden.