Photo: Daniela Sülwold

Disco Planet: Letheia

Hen/i (US/DE), Do Mayer (DE)

The performance and video installation Disco Planet: Letheia takes a philosophical 3D landscape as backdrop to inquire into relations between plants, humans and animals, and their embeddedness in environment/society. An artistic twin of our symbolic mindscape meets the somatic practice of tuning into our senses to expand our capacity for change and adaptation. The common urge: To find new methods to situate ourselves in our time and reshape our habitual presentation of ourselves and the commonplace.


Director with a background in dance, choreography and intermedia arts. Co-founder of 4 performance collectives, including Stratofyzika with performance experiences inspired by computer science, technology, natural sciences, data privacy and the boundaries between humans and machines through a blend of new media, dance theater and spatial soundscapes.

Do Mayer

Programmer, artist and curator, studied free art at HFBK and Critical Studies in Vienna. Research at the intersections of digital modeling, climate and social transformation, as well as artistic mediation. Concerned about how simulations of our world rub off into the reality of people’s lives, and to what extent this undermines aesthetic experiences.