Freifach Game Design / BG/BRG Pichelmayergasse, Wien , Photo: Till Weinhold

Elective Subject Game Design

High School BG/BRG Pichelmayergasse, Vienna

In this elective subject, students deal with complex challenges in a creative, reflective and self-motivated way using digital games as examples, thus strengthening their 21st century skills.

This takes place in two phases:

First, the participants deal with analog games, which are played and analyzed. Modding is carried out and their own analog prototypes are produced.

In the second phase, the acquired knowledge is transferred to the digital realm: digital games are discussed; games are designed individually and implemented within the scope of technical possibilities.

Visits to events, for example, the Vienna Spielefest (Games Festival) and Game City, and discussions with experts, for example, professional game designers, deepen students’ insight into the growing games industry.

The diverse challenges involved in developing games demand and promote learning, digital and life skills. Students need to draw on interconnected knowledge from language, art, mathematics and technology, demonstrating the benefit from this elective subject.

The reporters are well-known at the school by now, interviews run smoothly and new exciting contributions are being developed.


School: High School BG/BRG Pichelmayergasse, Wien

School group: Students from grades 5 to 8

Students: Nina F., Tolga E., Nicholas St., Marie St., Nico S., Andrew B., Benjamin B., Louis Ch., Adrian C., Adrian K., Imran L., Mohammed N., Maximilian O., Osman Ö., Emilio R., Maximilian Sch., Omar Z., Noorjahan Z., Linda D., Adrian G., Lennox D., Sophie K., Vivian P., Selin U.

Teacher: Till Weinhold

High School BG/BRG Pichelmayergasse, Vienna

The school group consists of students from grades five to eight. Every year about 30 students apply, but there are only 14 to 20 places available. The students, who are united by their interest in games and game development, come from a wide variety of social, economic, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds. Each brings their own special interests, from storytelling and copywriting to drawing skills and devising rule systems. In the elective subject Game Design, they become a team.

Till Weinhold studied art education at the University of Duisburg-Essen and art and crafts education and fine arts at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Since 2014, he has been teaching visual education, handicrafts and digital design in Vienna. The focus on digital games has been an integral part of his teaching since 2017.