Entering_Eden / Martina Dörner (DE), Nina Louisa Bell (DE), Photo: Martina Dörner, Nina Louisa Bell


Martina Dörner (DE), Nina Louisa Bell (DE)

The short film explores the complex themes of trans- and posthumanism, identity and the connection between consciousness and the fleshly body.

In a time when humans are setting out to leave the analogue world, the viewer is drawn into a story about the consciousness of Malum and the scientist in charge, Dr. Hel. The film is generated by various artificial intelligences from the creation process to the realisation. The use of this technology gives the film a unique atmosphere and contributes to the reflection on the subject matter in our world.

Martina Dörner (DE)

Martina is a Berlin-based motion design artist from the south of Germany. Through digital illustrations, she creates animations that invite the viewer to escape from reality into vivid colourful worlds. Martina discovered her love for animation through her studies in visual communication at HTW Berlin.

Nina Louisa Bell (DE)

Nina Louisa Bell is a concept designer currently studying Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin. From graphic design to film she created different projects that span the spectrum of visual storytelling. With a finger on the pulse of emerging technologies and a passion for pushing creative boundaries, her work not only captivates but also challenges perceptions.