Eteron 15 / Eul Lee (KR/MX/US), Photo: Eul Lee

Eteron 15

Eul Lee (KR/MX/US)

The Lovers

The Lovers is the 15th series of Eteron, a non-existent word for an ontological integer between 1 and 2. In this work, two watering cans interdependently circulate water. Despite their individuality, they are intertwined. If one ceases to provide water, the other will soon follow. Therefore, these two must consider each other as themselves. In this relationship, the distinction between self and others is meaningless, and the concept of hierarchical superiority or possession is also blurred.

Eul Lee (KR/MX/US)

Eul Lee, as Mexican, Asian, or even an inanimate cup, embodies various forms as “Eul”. Detaching their existence from the name reflects their exploration of the language-existence connection. Their lifelong pursuit is crafting a dictionary of nonexistent words. Through visual works, Eul breathes life into the definitions of these linguistic creations.