Plateau Blo, Photo: Simone Barlian

On the way & discovering

Marlene Rutzendorfer (AT), Simone Barlian (AT), Barbara Pölzleithner (AT)

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Artistic interventions in public space and cultural education within the framework of Salzkammergut 2024. A look at digital projects along the railway line and at the lake

Regional_Express: Performative cultural heritage on the Attnang-Puchheim–Tauplitz railway line, on curated apps and in virtual reality.

Plateau Blo, a floating island structure consisting of several platforms, moves across Lake Traunsee during the ECoC year 2024. Together with hublz GmbH, Salzkammergut 2024 is developing a cultural education app to accompany its schedule of programming. Analog projects will be transferred to the digital realm using the methods of cultural education.

Marlene Rutzendorfer (AT)

Marlene Rutzendorfer is an architect, curator and producer with wonderland architecture platform. She teaches at the Institute for Art and Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Together with Ella Raidel and Petra Ardai, she co-curates Regional_Express, an immersive storytelling format for Salzkammergut 2024.

Simone Barlian (AT)

Simone Barlian, artist and curator, sees her radius of action anchored at the interfaces between art and interdisciplinary creation. She is fascinated by spatial theory, especially since the creative process itself, as well as the confrontation and resonance of subject, object, space and human being are always central to her work.

Barbara Pölzleithner (AT)

Barbara Pölzleithner is a cultural manager, music educator with many years of experience in dealing with young and amateur audiences and music mediator with a Master’s degree at the University Mozarteum Salzburg and at the Anton Bruckner Private University Linz.