Every BODY knows/owns the TRUTH / Werner Jauk (AT), Laura Sophie Meyer (DE), Photo: vog.photo

Every BODY knows/owns the TRUTH

Werner Jauk (AT), Laura Sophie Meyer (DE)

An installation of the Ars Electronica Research Institute AERI “auditory culture”

Auditory culture shows the scientific and artistic research on the transgression of the mechanistic in the digital cultures of recent years. It condenses expressions of the body in the evolution of language and music in an artificially emotional installation to experience bodily truth in mediatized worlds. It goes “forward back” from the seeing / understanding “world view” to the experiencing / “intentional” (being in tension) hearing as “listen up & stop thinking, what is right and order (of things)”. This is especially in mediatized worlds, which are outside of the physical grasping of the visible and therefore its understanding—but “touching” the body hedonically. The paradigm of modernity turns from linear progress, the striving for “the more, the better”, to the inverted u-shaped function of living “middle of intensity” which is most “pleasing”—a human-made cultural evolution turns “forward back” into a natural evolution as human digital culture by/for Every BODY.

Werner Jauk (AT)

Werner Jauk completed his PhD in psychology (musical cybernetics, information theory and aesthetics), postdoctoral studies at KUG-Graz and IRCAM-Paris and his habilitation in musicology (pop / music & media / art) always focusing on auditory perception and its mediatization as cultural processes of the formation of music and media cultures.

Laura Sophie Meyer (DE)

Laura Sophie Meyer completed her BA in Visual Communication at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hannover. In 2017, she was awarded a DAAD scholarship for her semester abroad at the National Institute of Design in India. MA-Studies at the University of Arts Linz at the Time-based Media Department and in Kiel. With a focus on interactive design, she started implementing text-based projects with existing literature as raw material, realizing multimedia in a graphic context.