D I Y—B C I / Seann Jawell (NL), Photo: Seann Jawell

D o i t y o u r s e l f- B r a i n C o m p u t e r I n t e r f a c e (D I Y—B C I)

Seann Jawell (NL)

Combining traditional skills, tech, and mindfulness, I introduce a unique approach by merging EEG and self-therapy. DIY–BCI offers a custom cap for ADHD and anxiety, providing hands-on kits and mental health discussions. Crochet instructions incorporate electrodes and chips for live brainwave feedback. Affordable electronics and open-source software create interactive visuals, stimulating specific brain regions. This DIY BCI toolkit emphasizes self-making, connection and simplification. Crafting personalized caps fosters self-esteem and inspires others.