Fragment of Babel / Yun Hyeong Park , Photo: Jinsol Kim

Fragment of Babel

Yun Hyeong Park (KR)

The Artifacts of Lost Translation

We live in the age of generative AI Models. The emergence of AI-generated images during the age of Mass Reproduction, like photography during Benjamin’s era, raises questions about the artistic potential of AI beyond its role as a prompt-to-image transition tool. But the possibilities of intersection of them are yet to be discussed. I would like to explore the boundaries of the intersection. Such as texts to images to objects. In this project Fragment of Babel I aim to develop a method to translate “texts” to “objects”.

Yun Hyeong Park (KR)

Park completed a BA in Woodworking and Design and worked as an art director. Currently pursuing an MA in the RCA, His hybrid experiences in design and AI have allowed him to explore how the physical properties of materials affect the result. His project explores the boundaries between 2D and 3D, combining his skills in both visual and creative AI.