Future Compass, Credit: Transformation Lounge

Future Compass

Ars Electronica (AT) x Hakuhodo Inc. (JP)

Future Compass is an “instant toolkit” for initiating a transformation.  

Participants will receive an invitation to engage in self-reflection and ponder their future using a coaster-shaped toolkit while enjoying coffee or drink in the Transformation Lounge. The first step for participants is to visualize “what I trust” to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the underlying biases that influence their perspectives. Subsequently, they will challenge the conventional wisdom they hold, even questioning themselves as the most difficult counterpart, and explore “questions for the futures” that might encourage change.  

With this compass for the futures, participants will journey through the Ars Electronica Festival and encounter various works, moments and individuals that address these questions.  

At the end of the Ars Electronica Festival, attendees can take their own Future Compass home, enabling them consciously to pursue transformative actions in their daily lives.