Die Zukunft des Tourismus, Photo: OÖ Tourismus

The future of tourism

Oberösterreich Tourismus (AT), Fiona Klima (AT), Antonia Langer (AT), Laura Reither (AT), Lena Atzinger (AT), Emely Mair (AT), Lorenz Uhl (AT), Max Wolschlager (AT), Mara Bulajic (AT), Luis Sefcsik (AT), Sophie Dögl (AT), Samuel Klancnik (AT)

Künstlerischer Forschungsauftrag von Ars Electronica create your world in Kooperation mit Oberösterreich Tourismus

The question this project addresses is what tourism and travel can mean for the next generation in Upper Austria. It addresses festival visitors and young people in different ways.

The space allows visitors to reflect on the topic, share ideas and participate in the discussion process. As inspiration, examples are exhibited that give an insight into the artists’ projects from the last five years. The focus is on the examination of zeitgeist and future issues. It is precisely in this environment that questions about the future of tourism can be discussed in the context of the festival. How will travel change for you in the future? How important is sustainability in tourism to you? And do sustainable products influence your purchasing decisions? What role do digital technologies play for you in tourism?

The results obtained will become a compass for future developments. Especially the discourse with young people on the future of tourism in Upper Austria provides a diverse perspective and a broader view of the challenges and opportunities. Their opinions and wishes can inspire new ideas and approaches and pave the way for sustainable and future-proof tourism development.