Gamification / Mittelschule Kematen , Photo: Matthias Erhart

Gamification – Motivation to Learn

Middle School Kematen

The aim of the project is to create a learning app that will accompany regular lessons throughout the year and introduce playful elements—keyword “gamification”.

On the one hand, the app should motivate students to engage with the subject matter on a daily basis (for a short period of time) outside of school hours. It should also increase motivation to complete work within the framework of regular lessons. “Gamification” gives work assignments a new aspect, since assignments are completed while many small interim goals and successes are achieved. For example, after only a short time, a new piece of clothing can be purchased for the avatar, a new skill can be learned, or a new area can be unlocked. Additionally, the app allows students to acquire “skills” that affect real life—such as changing seats, extending the deadline for hand-ins, or even silencing other people.

These skills and many other aspects of the app were co-designed or entirely created by the students themselves, which in turn leads to a greater sense of self-determination.


School: Middle School Kematen

Subject: Elective subject Robotics

Teacher: Matthias Erhart

Middle School Kematen

Students from different grades and in different subjects contributed to the project development according to their age. Contributions were made in the subjects of digital literacy, computer science, mathematics and visual education. The students created plans, drawings, system tests, raw data tables, game concepts, naming and much more.

Matthias Erhart has been teaching computer science since the beginning of his teaching career (although he does not have a teaching certificate in the subject). Nevertheless, his fascination with the digital domain has motivated him to expand steadily his knowledge and skills in this area over the years. App development in particular represents a new area of interest for him.