Guess what? / Caty Șamata (RO), Ema Motea (RO), Selina Yilmaz (RO), Photo: Cosntatin Simon

Guess what?

Caty Șamata (RO), Ema Motea (RO), Selina Yilmaz (RO)

This installation explores the concept of choice and its translation into a concrete symbolism of cause and effect. Guess what? poses questions about damage, responsibility and power. The central element is water, which constantly floods a miniature city within an aquarium.

Caty Șamata (RO)

As an emerging new media artist, Caty Samata combines technology and storytelling to explore the limits of the digital world and physicality.

Selina Yilmaz (RO)

Selina Yilmaz is a visual artist who is inspired by the complexities of human life and the social realities that shape the world. With a focus on capturing the idiosyncrasies found in daily circumstances, her work explores the intricacies of human behavior and societal norms.

Ema Motea (RO)

3Delusional is an alias used in the online art environment by Ema Motea (b.1998), a 3D artist based in Bucharest, experimenting especially in the interactive animation and installation area. Its work focuses on conflictual connections taking place at the intersection of social constructs and freedom, using the virtual space as storytelling in the context of a digital culture increasingly becoming dominant. Using rather absurd, ironic and playful aesthetic nuances, its art practice seeks to challenge ordinary narratives into a new, flexible and expandable approach.