!Habesi / Indigene Corefio |Huuke Harris (ZA), /Xam Sam Fortuin (ZA), Xopher Wallace (ZA), Dr Diana Ferrus (ZA), Sthando Masuku (ZA), Elder Nkosenathi Koela (ZA), Photo: Indigene Corefio |Huuke Harris, /Xam Sam Fortuin , Xopher Wallace, Dr Diana Ferrus, Sthando Masuku, Elder Nkosenathi Koela


Indigene Corefio |Huuke Harris (ZA), /Xam Sam Fortuin (ZA), Xopher Wallace (ZA), Dr Diana Ferrus (ZA), Sthando Masuku (ZA), Elder Nkosenathi Koela (ZA)

!Habesi, the name of our project, is the word for “roots” in N|uu, a Khoe language. We chose to name our work !Habesi because roots refer to land, to a source, culture, ancestry, family, stability and places of belonging—all themes that our work creatively explores.

The 1913 cut-off date of the Land Rights Act in South Africa prevents the |Xam/Khoe people from claiming the land they had been dispossessed of in the 1600s. !Habesi seeks to highlight indigenous land rights.

We spent a week in communion in the Kalahari Desert in order to interview Queen Dr. Katrina Esau about what she envisions the future of her community may have been without colonial interruption or the erasure of Apartheid. We then interpreted her narrative into painting, music, poetry and augmented reality. This sound journey explores the medium of archiving ancient consciousness.

The audience sees ten photographs (two of which have AR layers) and one portrait of Ouma Katrina (with AR layer).


Production: |Kx’am

Sound production: Indigenous Frequency Cast

Composer: Queen Katrina

Indigenous instrumentalist: Mntana WeXwele

Poet: Dr Diana Ferrus

Poet: Indigene Corefio|Huuke Harris

Researcher: Hamid Ntetha

Fine artist: /Xam Sam Fortuin

Videographer: Sthando Masuku

AR visual artist: Xopher Wallace

Costume: Gift Kgosi (No Modern Slave)

Grace: Tsui Goab (God)

Medicine: Our Divine Ancestors

Photo: Sthando Masuku


Indigene is the founding Director of |Kx’am, a non-profit company aimed at promoting primarily |Xam knowledge systems with the use of new media. They are an internationally published performance poet, healer, priestess and custodian of indigenous consciousness.

Photo: Sthando Masuku

Sam Fortuin

Sam Fortuin is an interdisciplinary fine artist.

Photo: Sthando Masuku

Xopher Wallace

Xopher Wallace is an AR visual artist.

Photo: Sthando Masuku

Sthando Masuku

Sthando Masuku is a videographer.

Photo: Sthando Masuku

Nkosenathi Koela

Nkosenathi Koela is an indigenous instrumentalist and healer.

Dr. Diana Ferrus

Dr. Diana Ferrus is a poet, writer and storyteller.