Hyphen Hub Video Space / Ars Electronica Garden New York: Hyphen Hub (US), photo: vog.photo

Hyphen Hub Video Space

Ars Electronica Garden New York: Hyphen Hub (US)

Hyphen Hub is a New York-based non-profit interdisciplinary new media art organization that explores, promotes and presents new visions of the future through the integration of art and emerging technologies.

Hyphen Hub produces innovative live performances, organizes art salons and curates art exhibitions with established and emerging new media artists who work on the vanguard of creative technologies—from augmented and virtual reality to artificial intelligence, FashionTech, bionics, robotics and cyborgism.

Its objective is to serve as a nexus to create transformative collaborations—a new type of synergism—between artists, practitioners, and non-traditional art institutions across various disciplines, resulting in works that are radically new.

Furthermore, the organization serves as a platform for a global community of artists, engineers, designers, performers, and tech innovators to connect, share information, and collaborate. Hyphen Hub artists have been selected for numerous prestigious awards from around the world, including Ars Electronica.

Since its inception ten years ago this year, Hyphen Hub has expanded its community by partnering with institutions such Bell Labs, Georgia Tech, Manchester Metropolitan University, FACT, CERN, Festival de la Imagen, La Mama Experimental Theater/Culture Hub, Broadway theater world, several embassies and the United Nations, among many others.

  • Non Fuckable Tokens (NFTS)

    Non Fuckable Tokens (NFTS)

    Claudix Vanesix (PE)

    How does the development of new technologies shape our self-perception? Non Fuckable Tokens (NFTs) is a performance by Claudix Vanesix, XR artist from Peru, that combines Performance Art with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality to critically display the impact of technology in our era.


Hyphen Hub is a nexus to create transformative collaborations – a new synergism– between artists, practitioners, and non-traditional institutions across various disciplines, resulting in new models of relationships between them that break the old established rules.


Curated by Hyphen Hub founder and director Asher Remy-Toledo.