Immortelle / Line Katcho (CA), Photo: Line Katcho


Line Katcho (CA)

Immortelle is an atmospheric and figurative work illustrating the flights and falls of psychological endurance. Featuring a cathartic flux of sonic and visual fragments, this unpredictable piece opens a door onto how a mind in internal turmoil redefines the outside world. Immortelle evokes how visceral perceptions of our environment mirror our own transformations, showing both the softer and fiery sides of a fighter spirit.

Part of MUTEK’s immersive Collection


Producer: MUTEK
Original idea: Line Katcho

Line Katcho (CA)

Line Katcho is a composer and audiovisual artist from Montréal. Primarily interested in sound and image as demonstrations of motion, forces or gestures, she distinguishes herself through an affinity for perceptual games, and for her use of affect. Her empirical approach aims at creating a sensory, cathartic experience, in pursuit of authenticity.