Individual Art Space / Fonds andersART (AT), KUNST St. Pius (AT), Caritas OÖ (AT), Photo: tom mesic

Individual Art Space

Fonds andersART (AT), KUNST St. Pius (AT), Caritas OÖ (AT)

Intergalactic Space for Individual Art

Art fulfills, inspires, lets people blossom – and helps to break down barriers and prejudices. Artists with disabilities experience this time and again. They have been artistically active for a long time, but they remain unnoticed. They find themselves in an intergalactic space between galaxies – black and empty, with only a few stars shining in the form of their paintings. The question of “Where do I come from, where am I going and who accompanies me on my journey through the galaxies?” is the central theme of this artistic exploration in the Individual Art Space, where artists with impairments from KUNST St. Pius exhibit artifacts (pictures and videos) that deal with this intergalactic space. It is about visibility, appearance, perception, sensitivity, inclusion and participation. More information about the individual artists and their art can be accessed via QR codes placed next to the artworks in the black box of the Individual Art Space; a virtual galaxy space with works by the artists of andersART can be visited, too.


Mag.a Andrea Hinterberger, Leitung KUNST St. Pius (AT) Maria Reitter-Kollmann, Kunstwissenschaftlerin (AT)
Fonds andersART:
Tanja Skorepa, Leitung Fonds andersART (AT)
Beteiligte Künstler*innen Fonds andersART:
Albert Masser (AT) 
Verena Neuwirth (AT) 
Andrea Obwaller (AT)
Sigrid Reingruber (AT)
Johanna Rohregger (AT)
Franz Scharinger (AT)
Ernst Schmid (AT)
WolfGeorg (AT) 
Leon Wust (AT)
Beteiligte Künstler*innen KUNST St. Pius:
Maria Altendorfer (AT) 
Erika Bauernschmid (AT) 
Sabine Gross (AT)
Andreas Kinberger (AT)
Hermann Nöhammer (AT)
Patrick Seifriedsberger (AT) 
Franz Stadler (AT)
Elisabeth Watzek (AT) 
Melanie Zuntner (AT) 
Künstlerische Leitung der Workshops:
Armin Andraschko (AT) 
Alexander Flotzinger (AT) 
Mag.a Andrea Hinterberger (AT)
Marco Prenninger (AT) 
Organisatorische Leitung der Workshops:
Mag.a Andrea Hinterberger 
Website Caritas OÖ:
Bianca Danhofer BSc (AT) 

KUNST St. Pius

For two decades, Caritas Upper Austria has been promoting art by people with special talents, who have subsequently become professional artists. KUNST St. Pius is thus not to be seen as occupational or art therapy, but as a space for individual creativity. Every year, a workshop takes place in which invited artists work intensively with artists from KUNST St. Pius in the fields of painting/graphics, sculpture, photography and literature. This year’s theme is intergalactic space.