V:A:D visual acoustic diary / Gabriella Vincze-Baba (HU), Photo: Gabriella Vincze-Baba

Time-based and interactive Media Arts


  • El Kschk Sessions

    El Kschk Sessions

    Lama Ghanem (SY)

    El Kschk is a mobile sound station that roams in public space hosting musicians from all over the world and recording them with the sounds of the city on cassettes and phonograph cylinders. 

  • g*ALLERY


    Simon Hehl (DE)

    gALLERY* is a hybrid, interactive and fluid art collection – an exhibition within the exhibition. Flat screens become canvases on which modified live camera recordings are played. Viewers oscillate between artistic object and staged self.



    Thomas Guggenberger (AT)

    The three-channel video installation shows three dancers in infinite, vividly lit spaces that seem to have no boundaries. The dancers from the Anton Bruckner Private University in Linz move slowly and fluidly, their bodies becoming almost weightless in the ethereal environment.

  • schlaftrunken


    Clarissa Cohausz (DE)

    schlaftrunken is a German noun that means literally “being drunk with sleep”—describing that confused feeling after a long nap when one is unsure of the dimension they have woken up into.

  • V:A:D visual acoustic diary

    V:A:D visual acoustic diary

    Gabriella Vincze-Baba (HU)

    My project, which I started in the summer semester of 2022, is about the relationship between sounds and visual perception. The philosophical background is the work of Ponty: The Perceptual Faith and its Darkness.

  • W I L L Y O U W A L K W I T H M E?

    W I L L Y O U W A L K W I T H M E?

    Sanaz Rafii (IR)

    The project W I L L  Y O U  W A L K  W I T H  M E? is an interactive video installation. Since September 2022, with all the happenings back in my home country in Iran, I went through different stages of dealing with this situation. Physically living in Austria but mentally living…

  • Word Of Gpd

    Word Of Gpd

    Jakob Steininger (AT)

    As AI-based software and tools gain prominence, a cultural shift in our relationship with machines is taking place.