Interactive Resonance Sphere / Simon Kopfberger (AT), Rita Newman (AT), Photo:

Interactive Resonance Sphere

Simon Kopfberger (AT), Rita Newman (AT)

Exploring the Visual Realm of Sound

The research field in physics that investigates the visible patterns and shapes created by sound vibrations interacting with materials is called CYMATICS, that is, the study of wave phenomena.

In this field, the team is experimenting with the interactive experience of aesthetic sound visualization in water. We installed a photo-audio station on site where visitors can interactively visualize their voice or any frequency they fancy.

The recorded individual voice is transferred into an oscillating resonance phenomenon that amplifies characteristic sonic vibrational patterns. The shapes that are formed by bouncing water are unique resonance vibration patterns. They are distinguished by extreme regularity in relation to number, measure and symmetry. These polygons, curves and patterns all follow mathematical and geometrical universal laws and appear in nature.

An operator controls the experiment, guides the visitor through the recording, explains which knobs to turn (gently) to generate the resonance pattern and takes pictures of the emerging geometric patterns. The image is printed for the visitor at the end of a session.


Vienna Design Week 2022

Installation for Culumnatura April 2023

several private or corporate sessions with voice or mission statement visualization

Photo: Maria Noisternig

Rita Newman (AT)

Mag.a Rita Newman
Degree in Art History
Independent photographer (since 1996, 35+ book publications, 100+ photo installations, etc.)
Docent at the Department of Media and Digital Technologies, FH St. Pölten
Head of the Master Course “Digital Photography & New Visual Media” (MA) and Master Class “Digital Design / Photography” (MA)

Photo: Rita Newman

Simon Kopfberger (AT)

Simon Kopfberger
SAE Vienna Audio Engineering Diploma
Seven years project management, technical direction, installation setup etc.
Foundation of LimbergAudio (2011)
Artist Alias: Ogovertex/Releases on Morbit Exile