Isotta / Michele Cremaschi (IT), Photo:


Michele Cremaschi (IT)

Intelligent System for Organic Tweeting and Thoughtful Artistry

Isotta stands as an engaging interactive creation, purposefully crafted to function as a collaborative writing companion within the realm of Twitter. Its unconventional design aims to question established narratives surrounding AI, particularly concerning the notions of collaboration and the impartiality of the artificial agent.
Employing a vintage input mechanism, Isotta accentuates the contrasting levels of productivity between its human user and its digital AI counterpart. Importantly, the AI co-writer is anything but impartial; its contributions are tinged with its inherent convictions.

Join in the experience by crafting your own tweet. How profoundly will Isotta‘s internal values shape the eventual outcome? What extent of assistance will you find in this endeavor? And as you engage, what sense of ownership over the final creation will you come to perceive?

Upon concluding the interaction, scan the QR code below to explore the latest tweets on Isotta’s profile. Can you discern the underlying ideology that propels Isotta’s contributions?

Michele Cremaschi (IT)

Artist and PhD student at the Computer Science faculty at the Free University of Bolzano. His research focuses on the themes of Critical Design, Critic AI, Creative AI. Formerly a theater actor, Cremaschi still stages interactive digital performances that explore participatory activism, environmental challenges and power dynamics through live cinema format.