It Could Be You / HsienYu Cheng (TW), Photo: Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab – CLab

It Could Be You

HsienYu Cheng (TW)

It Could Be You is a thought-provoking art project that explores privacy and identity in contemporary technology. Using machine learning and pentesting or ethical hacking, the project generates fictional personal data through synthetic data frameworks and, by gathering messages from various online forums and chatrooms, it raises questions about privacy and protection. The project touches on issues of internet governance and regulation, it invites viewers to reflect on the ways technology is shaping our lives and to imagine more equitable futures.

In the future, passwords may be replaced with passkeys that utilize biometric data to authenticate users, which raises concerns about bio privacy leaking. As technology continues to evolve and integrate further into our lives, it is crucial to consider the potential implications and consequences of these developments.

Through its critical exploration of technology’s impact on identity and society, It Could Be You prompts us to think critically about these issues and encourages cross-cultural and interdisciplinary dialogues.


With support from: Panasonic Taiwan & Hong’s Foundation, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Google Colab, Python Jupyter, PaperSpace