kimæra / Ars Electronica Garden Arad: kinema ikon (RO), Photo:


Ars Electronica Garden Arad: kinema ikon (RO)

The kimæra project, composed of nine works made by twelve artists over the course of two years, aims to become a hybrid body, an interactive digital meta-installation where each work/module will be functional as a part and as a whole. The installation combines old media with digital (new) media, public city space with IoT (Internet of Things), augmented reality, 3D printing, AI-generated sound and image, mobile applications, NFTs, etc. Coordinated by a central computer, each of the nine modules having an input and an output that enables the works to interact with each other.

kinema ikon (RO)

kinema ikon–multimedia atelier was founded by George Sabau in 1970 (Arad, RO). From 1970 to 1989, 62 experimental films and 62 documentaries were produced; between 1994 and 2004, the group was one of the main promoters of digital art in Romania. In 2003, kinema ikon represented Romania at the Venice Biennial. Since 2005, kinema ikon has returned to the production of hybrid works. The group has its dedicated gallery space at the Art Museum in Arad. Calin Man is the group’s current coordinator.


Modules by: Alex Halka, gH, reVoltaire, Bogdanator, Floriama Cândea, Marina Oprea, Ioana Marșic, Thea Lazar, Adrian Ganea, Flaviu Rogojan, Suzana Dan, Dragoș Dogioiu (RO)

AR application: DARV app, software development: Florian Weinrich (AT)
Modules and main computer programming: Mihai Sava (RO)
Green screen application: Ilie Ciotir (RO)

Curator: Calin Man (RO)