Körper als Medium – Body as a Medium / Miriam Kandera (AT), Ida Kieslinger (AT), Helena Vancura (AT), Photo: Markus Schneeberger

Körper als Medium – Body as a Medium

Miriam Kandera (AT), Ida Kieslinger (AT), Helena Vancura (AT)

Labanotation explained

The diploma project Body as Medium is a creative book that aims to explain the phenomenon of the human body as an art medium with the help of “labanotation”, a kind of movement script and dancers. In “create your world 2023”, the three graduates of the Graphische in Wien transform their final thesis into an interactive project that invites people to dance and familiarizes them with the principle of dance notation even more closely. Through a combination of dynamic poses, flowing fabrics and photography, visitors get an impression of the movement alphabet, which is as diverse as the human body. Visitors’ movements are lifted onto a pedestal and displayed with the exact translation into “Labanotation” and thus explained.

In addition, the photographs taken in the Body as Medium project are used as a means of explanation. For example, the silent dialogue between dancers or the exceptional nature of dance is explained.


Fotografie: Miriam Kandera (AT), Ida Kieslinger (AT)
Grafik: Helena Vancura (AT)
Christian Brandstätter Verlag (AT)
Die MUK – Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (AT)
Kultur Niederösterreich (AT)
Vienna Sound Vienna Light (AT)
Salzer Papier (AT)
Riedeldruck (AT)
G.G. Buchbinderei (AT)

Miriam Kandera (AT), Ida Kieslinger (AT), Helena Vancura (AT)

The project Body as Medium was initiated by Miriam Kandera, Ida Kieslinger and Helena Vancura. Graduates of the Graphic Arts in the departments of photography and graphic design, they developed the creative book “Body as Medium” as part of their diploma project. An interesting combination of several forms of creativity was achieved through the cooperation of the project team with the contributing dancers and authors and the close collaboration within the team.