Kunstuni Linz – Films

University of Arts Linz (AT)

  • Aberration


    Tolga Karaaslan (AT)

    A Physical Narration Artwork that serves as visual research for a short film about a woman who lives in a fictional authoritarian Europe.

  • Alien Harmonies

    Alien Harmonies

    Jakob Luckeneder (AT)

    Alien Harmonies, an intriguing interactive sculpture, captivates with its enigmatic design. Crafted from black glazed clay, this unique artwork features a collection of brass touchpads.

  • Atmen


    Elena K. Richtsfeld (AT)

    A short film dystopia that leaves a lot of room for speculation with its experimental design. But one thing should be said: we are in a thought experiment in the distant future, society is experiencing a change and an institution is taking radical measures to reduce the human population.

  • Compass: Dreamscape

    Compass: Dreamscape

    Mamoun Bakour (SY), Hazem Wakaf (SY)

    An experimentation of resting and rediscovering human existence, and conflict in human emotions. In a brutal world where we are driven into dealing with a new skin, what would be the feeling of the first touch?

  • creative differences

    creative differences

    Isabel Schulz (AT)

    Within thirty minutes and with twenty to thirty reference images, the AI system Stable Diffusion can learn to imitate the style of any human artist. The more time is given to training, the more exact the results will be.



    Helena Brunnbauer (AT)

    This experimental movie explores the connection between tree bark and human skin by projecting bark onto three dancers in the studio. As the bark dances with the performers, the similarities become apparent, highlighting how both separate and protect us from the world, at the same time they are our tools to explore our surroundings.

  • Das Sockenpaar und der Sockendieb

    Das Sockenpaar und der Sockendieb

    Friederike Weber (DE)

    The experimental short film is inspired by the photo film genre. It is about platonic relationships and relationships in general. The photo film questions social patterns and does so by giving insights into the relationships and autobiography of the artist herself.

  • es mucho tiempo

    es mucho tiempo

    Friederike Weber (DE), Juliana Vargas Rodriguez (CO)

    es mucho tiempo is an interdisciplinary project between dance and videography, a collaboration between the artists Juliana Vargas Rodriguez and Friederike Weber. In the project es mucho tiempo, the artists deal with the perception of time.



    Ariathney Coyne (US/GR), Daniela Hanelová (CZ)

    ESOPTRON, Ancient Greek for mirror, is an experimental dance film, based on a dance duet of the same title. The project is the artists’ response to the changes that accompanied the global pandemic and explores the themes of touch, seclusion, longing for togetherness and the necessity of physical contact.

  • Gizem—Scent Of Their Flowers

    Gizem—Scent Of Their Flowers

    Tolga Karaaslan (AT), Gizem Kuş (AT)

    Scent Of Their Flowers deals with the desire for deep intimacy. The attempt to trust one’s inner light and strengthen it. Even in seemingly dark times. This music video was made for the debut single of the band Gizem.

  • Hysteria


    Lisa Studener (AT)

    Am I allowed to be angry as a woman? Why am I so angry? What should I do with this feeling? These are questions that many women are probably familiar with. However, in our system, women are often not given space to be angry.

  • Irgendwann wirst du verstehen.

    Irgendwann wirst du verstehen.

    Patricia Göckert (AT)

    The movie is about giving queer people the opportunity to use their voices in order to inspire others to find theirs.

  • KIra Chatbot

    KIra Chatbot

    Verena Mühling (AT), Lena Isabella Deisenberger (AT)

    KIra is a twelve-second short film concerning our insecurities and fears when it comes to dating, love and truly opening up to someone. The very short, short film aims to comment on what can potentially happen when we try to outsource dealing with our love related problems and let them be solved by bots rather…

  • long distance

    long distance

    Emilia Vogt (DE)

    Text messages are the connection between long distances, written words become carriers of emotional states that are otherwise often conveyed via gestures, facial expressions and body language in general.

  • lucid dream

    lucid dream

    Emilia Vogt (DE), Philomena Juen (AT)

    In a lucid dream the dreamer becomes aware of their own actions in the dream. While dreaming the dreamer can get some control to navigate the direction of the pathway, the approach to a character or the whole environment.

  • lust


    Patricia Göckert (AT)

    Female pleasure, masturbation, orgasms. Topics that are often avoided. Who is to blame?

  • Memories Of The Foreign

    Memories Of The Foreign

    Tolga Karaaslan (AT)

    Revisiting places and memories of Fatma Selek, the grandmother of the filmmaker, who came to Wels, Austria, in 1973 as a guest worker. Her interview from 2012 gives insight into her experiences and struggles, such as being separated from her children for years, language barriers and the feeling of being torn between two countries.



    Hannes Buchwieser (DE), Katarína Krupičková (SK)

    Together with Katarína Krupičková, a concept combining contemporary dance and images from a Zeiss Primovert microscope was developed. Together, we transformed and implemented the emotions and impressions created by the confrontation with these microcosms.

  • Neinblicke


    Ben Ramsmaier (AT)

    Neinblicke is an interactive sculpture that is possessed by an evil and chaotic algorithm. Its only goal is to protect the secret lying within. As soon as one tries to find out what is hiding inside and steps in front of it, the wooden cube closes down.

  • nexus


    Ania Böhaker (AT)

    nexus is an approximately 124 x 124 x 124-cm cube surrounded by tubes. These tubes are all connected to each other. There are three tubes on each side of the cube that protrude from and into the cube.

  • Outside In

    Outside In

    Ildiko Mayr (AT)

    Outside In is an interactive artwork that consists of three digital drawings showing abandoned places. Through objects shown in the drawings, the visitor can explore sound files that tell the story of what happened in these places before they were abandoned.

  • pars


    Ania Böhaker (AT)

    Divided—different opinions—separated—parties—dispute—war—conflict—different perspectives … are some of the most important keywords in connection with the video installation pars.

  • Posthuman


    Carlotta Borcherding (DE)

    Posthuman is a photo series established at an abandoned location revealing faces and their posthuman identities. The project is based on a collaboration between the Institute of Dance Arts (IDA) of the Anton Bruckner Private University and the Department of Time-based and Interactive Media Arts from the University of Arts Linz at the POSTCITY Linz.

  • RAS Awakening

    RAS Awakening

    Janik Valler (DE)

    RAS Awakening is an audiovisual sculpture that repeatedly comes alive, reminiscent of a futuristic being arising from slumber. Generative sounds orchestrate the sculpture’s awakening, infusing the space with an immersive audio narrative and a synchronized dance of light, rotation and glitch.



    Hannes Buchwieser (DE)

    Using a scanning electron microscope, I analyzed hair, fibers of a sweater, a coin, dust from the laboratory and a torn piece of a passport to elicit a deeper layer of meaning from these objects than is ascribed to them in everyday life by visualizing the invisible, illuminated by light elements.

  • StarryPainter


    Julian Holzer (IT)

    StarryPainter is an interactive artwork that allows visitors to draw a digital starry sky. Visitors can switch between different scenes that, when viewed in detail, hide clues about the impact of human actions on the starry sky.

  • The most beautiful place on earth

    The most beautiful place on earth

    Sofia Jüngling-Badia (AT)

    Eleven analog photographs, depicting scenes from everyday life in an unusual living situation, accompanied by audio recordings of a fragmented narrative about being the daughter of a father with dementia.

  • This is the End of us

    This is the End of us

    Valentin Vojka (AT)

    This is the End of us is a short experimental film about a young witch constantly on the verge of a breakup. She appears to be stuck in an endless loop between ending and salvaging her relationship with an unseen entity, as she questions her existence in her isolated room.

  • translucent reverie

    translucent reverie

    Janik Valler (DE)

    translucent reverie is an artwork that combines various mediums to create a captivating visual experience. It seamlessly merges the physical and digital realms, blurring the boundaries between traditional art forms and contemporary technology.