Labyrinth Psychotica – The Anoiksis Experiment by Roomforthoughts / Jennifer Kanary (NL), Photo: Jennifer Kanary

Labyrinth Psychotica – The Anoiksis Experiment by Roomforthoughts

Jennifer Kanary (NL)

Honorary Mention

After the research on psychosis simulation with art and tech, the artist worked on finding a pattern in the long-ignored subjective data of lived experiencers’ voices. The investigation into their stories has led to a radical artistic research theory, the Anoiksis Theory. It is radical as it places our understanding of hallucinations and delusions at the center of a spectrum of healing. The theory builds on the notion that unwellness is not born from a brain that is broken, but a brain doing what it was designed to do, to heal. A survival mechanism we all carry, yet, if not recognized or listened to in time, can have extreme and dire consequences. In collaboration with students, we learned that the Anoiksis Map method can be used to hold space for all ‘psychiatric’ conditions on a spectrum of subjectivity. Ultimately meaning, if we understand psychosis, we unlock a lost key of understanding all our subjective experiences of distress.

The Anoiksis VR Psychosis Experience is a manifestation of the theory and method. It is a mixed reality VR psychosis simulation that takes a wearer into a safe interactive waking dream state in the mind of Dr. Green, who is in psychosis, simulating 42+ subjective experiences of psychosis.


Thanks to: The Doen Foundation, The Creative Industry Funds, The Mondriaan Funds, Jolijn Friederichs, Tim Knoote, Teresa Feldman (EE), Sigrid Bannenberg, Pinar Temiz, Alec Kopyt (USSR), Laura Schuster, Konstantin Leonenko (UKR), Jeanette Groenendaal, Suleika Elfassi, Dora Grootman, Megan Mateer (USA), Jeroen Zwaal, Linda Maissan, Kasia Szmigiero (P), Xiomara Vado Soto, Renana Elran (ISR), Suzanne Meyer, Dr. Wouter Kusters, Dr. Karlijn Roex, Dr. Wim Veling, Alwin Verdonk, Josephine Bosma, Rokus Loopik, Dr. Anna Cornelia Beyer (UK), Sam Gerrits, Angèle De Jong, Lieselotte Nooyen, Christien Oudshoorn, Nina Boas, Iris Jousma, Anneke de Weerd, Fausto, Marie-Anne Soyez (D), Dr. Sabine Wildevuur, Dr. Tycho Hoogland, Marjelle van Hoorn, Selma Steenhuizen, Ewout Stumphius and Nikola Nikolov (BG). TNO, Dutch Police Academy Ossendrecht (Harold + Frans), AMC UMC Academic Hospital (Jacqueline + Franka + Ellen), Zaans Justitieel Centrum (Ingrid + Remco) and all the teachers and students of the University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam and St Joost Avans!