Photo: Tamara Kostrevc, Lazar Mihajlović

Littering / Echoing shadows

Tamara Kostrevc (RS), Lazar Mihajlović (RS)

Littering was conceived with the idea of awakening viewers’ awareness of the environmental crisis we have caused ourselves and to provoke thoughts about our responsibility towards the planet. The concept of Echoing shadows is to provoke thoughts about the vitality of nature and its ever-accelerating disappearance under the influence of human activity.


Mentor: Robertina Šebjanič (SI)
University of Nova Gorica School of Arts (SI)

Tamara Kostrevc (RS), Lazar Mihajlović (RS)

The artists are master students of Media Arts and Practices program at UNG School of Arts. Tamara comes from the field of photography, while Lazar works in sound related media. Together, they conceive audiovisual, often also interactive environments.