meat, metal and code / Umanesimo Artificiale (IT), Photo: Umanesimo Artificiale

meat, metal and code

Ars Electronica Garden Fano: Umanesimo Artificiale (IT)

meat, metal and code, a term originally coined by Stelarc to identify the contemporary body, is the title of the exhibition paying homage to the pioneering artist and serving as a framework in which truth might be manifested: as an inevitable exchange between entities.

Whether at a micro level between microbes as showcased in the project Where do I end… and you begin? by Marisa Satsia, or at a macro level between humans and artificial intelligence systems as in the projects Divergences and Multi-Node Shell by Luca Pagan, new forms of exchange generate new information and thus new perspectives and interpretations of the truth.

By embracing these exchanges, the exhibition aims to foster an environment where truth can be explored and understood in diverse and dynamic ways.

  • Divergences


    Federica Sasso (IT), Luca Pagan (IT)

    DIVERGENCES is a collaborative research venture between the visual artist Federica Sasso and the sound artist Luca Pagan, together with the Rehab Technologies Lab at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genova, Italy.

  • Multi-Node Shell

    Multi-Node Shell

    Luca Pagan (IT)

    Multi-Node Shell utilizes biosensors to explore sound potential as a language through body movement perception. It detects muscle activity and motor dynamics in areas conducive to functional movements.

  • Where do I end… and you begin?

    Where do I end… and you begin?

    Marisa Satsia (CY)

    Can we combine our breaths to inflate a chamber and cultivate a soup of nurturing nutrients? Which microbes are mine and which are yours? Where do I end, and where do you begin?


Umanesimo Artificiale works with exponential technologies investigating what it means to be human in the era of Artificial Intelligence. It promotes coding and computational (creative) thinking through the channel of digital and performing arts, raising awareness of a fertile interaction between men and machines.


Umanesimo Artificiale creative director: Filippo Rosati; Multi-Node Shell artist lead: Luca Pagan; Divergences artists lead: Federica Sasso, Luca Pagan; Where do I end… and you begin? artist lead: Marisa Satsia, supported by the Cultural Services of the Deputy Ministry of Culture of Cyprus Republic as part of the program TRANSIT 2021-2025 for the support of mobility and display of the work of Cypriot artists abroad.