Meet me Meta / Studierende der MKD – Meisterschule für Kommunikationsdesign , Photo: MKD

Meet me Meta

Studierende der MKD – Meisterschule für Kommunikationsdesign (AT)

Augmented Comics 2023

The project “MKD MEETS NEXTCOMIC – Augmented Comics” took place for the fifth time in 2023. In it, the MKD – Meisterschule für Kommunikationsdesign dedicated itself to the themes of friendship and metaverse, proclaiming the motto “Meet me Meta”. During the COVID-19 pandemic, people experienced what it means to no longer be able to meet in the physical world and to have to communicate digitally. A promise for those who see in it greater comfort and spontaneity to meet in a metaverse that promises us the chance to conquer expanded digital spaces by means of VR glasses. A form of reality that will soon surround us. The master school of HTL1 Linz Bau & Design have tackled this topic and created augmented reality comic works from dreams, hopes, fears and visions of the future.

The comics were produced using the Riso printing process. The app Artivive brings the stories to life in augmented reality. During the Nextcomic Festival, the augmented comic works were shown at the Ars Electronica Center and OÖ Kulturquartier. The students’ interaction with the public culminated in a presentation evening in the Ars Electronica Center’s Deep Space.
Information on the project can be found on our homepage

MKD – Meisterschule für Kommunikationsdesign

Vanessa Denkmair (AT), Hannes Deuschl (AT) , Anja Diepold (AT), Leonie Sophie Dirlinger (AT), Elvira Eppich (AT), Carola Hain (AT), Verena Haugender (AT), Nicole Hofmarcher (AT), Elenna Jäger (DE), Elisa Kaineder (AT), David Lexl (AT), Sarah Lindenbauer (AT), Anastasia Litwinow (DE), Magdalena Mayr (AT), Sharon Mary Nesyt (DE), Cathrine Niebuhr (DE), Alina Pelz (AT), Linda Delia Pichler (AT), Armin Reindl (AT), Hanna Reiter (AT), Florian Rohr (AT), Sophia Schmidhofer (AT), Laura Sophia Schrattenecker (AT), Vanessa Schwarz (AT), Ann Katrin Stiebitzhofer (AT), Tamara Weidinger (AT), Annika Sharina Weitz (DE), Lena Wildauer (AT) Projektleitung: Viktoria Schlögl (AT), Helmut Höllerl (AT)

The MKD – Meisterschule für Kommunikationsdesign (Master School for Communication Design) is a one-year in-depth training program for graphic and communication design at the HTL1 Bau und Design in Linz. Graduates of the higher department, the college of HTL1 and related institutions, can perfect their design skills and individual abilities, as well as to get to know teamwork and technical work processes. Free assignments, real projects and an annual project are set and realized.