Photo: Hsun Hsiang Hsu

HIDDEN ORDERS_Microstructural Machine

Hsun Hsiang Hsu (TW)

In the material world, there are innumerable natural orders that structure the environment and the world in which we live. The interpretation of these orders does not belong to a specific species or time, but is like an eternal existence hidden in every corner.

Microstructural Machine is based on the experimental model of the Bubble Raft proposed by Nobel Laureate William Lawrence Bragg in 1947, and is an extension of this model to construct a real-time dynamic microstructural machine. This drawing machine uses the properties of crystalline structures as the drawing unit, and the dynamic staggered arrangement of controlled crystalline structures to create a miniature landscape, attempting to strike a balance between the properties of natural materials and human control, and exploring the hidden orders of nature.


The project was developed and presented with the kind support of the University of the Arts Bremen as part of the Digital Media Master’s program (DE)

Hsun Hsiang Hsu

Hsun Hsiang Hsu is a new media artist who focuses on environmental space and the essence of materials. Through photography, installations and audio-visual performances, he moves between macro and micro scales, fusing digital and analog techniques to represent the various aspects and possibilities of materials.