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Mise en Abyme


Reflection on Interconnectivity

What is the keyword for art in the digital age? We believe it’s interconnectivity. And while the whole concept of truth, authenticity, and ownership is being reshaped in the context of AI, it’s crucial to find ways to benefit from this interconnectivity.

At CIFRA, we’re creating a new immersive encyclopedia of media art, using Mise en Abyme as the core concept and approach. We’re building the platform and weaving the context around the artworks just like a canvas: all roles, entities, and practices are interconnected and integral to the overall picture.

Playlist is one of CIFRA’s main creative tools. We allow everyone to create and curate their very own digital space: just with one click, the artworks can be composed in thematic playlists. At Ars Electronica Gardens, we’re inviting everyone to create a playlist, mirror your inner world through engaging with digital art, and find like-minded creators — just the same way we do on our platform, but this time merging digital and physical spaces.

Community is the key. We strive to make art engaging and accessible for all by bringing artists, curators, art industry experts, and art lovers together and building engaging narratives.

As artists are the heart of CIFRA, we invite them to join all our activities and special projects.

ART ME UP is a special project that guides a viewer through one artwork, providing them with associative clues or “rhymes” in various areas, ranging from art history to culinary — all to enrich the experience and deepen the understanding.

CIFRA TV is a video format, providing an exclusive glimpse into the lives of fascinating heroes and institutions that shape the ever-evolving art scene.

Media Art Comics is an educational media magazine that delves into the evolution of media art through captivating visual storytelling.

CIFRA Immersive bridges digital art platform and metaverse features to provide viewers with multisensory experiences in immersive virtual worlds.

All these parts are integral to CIFRA’s immersive world of digital art.


CIFRA is a streaming, educational and marketplace platform for digital art.

Our mission is to make digital art engaging and accessible to wider audiences by bridging cutting-edge technologies with a curatorial approach. We aim to build an inclusive ecosystem for the community of artists, curators, collectors, experts, institutions, art lovers and viewers from all over the world, offering new opportunities to showcase, stream, collect and engage with the most exceptional digital artworks.


Alexandra Dementieva, Alice Ongaro Sartori, Almagul Menlibaeva, Andrea De Fusco, Angelika Markul, Baratto & Mouravas, Bjørn Melhus, Cao Fei, Carlos Casacuberta, Chen Zhou, Chen Zi Yin, Cui Xiuwen, Despina Charitonidi, Evgenia Korotchenko, Felicity Mangan, Felipe Amador Loayza, Genesis Kai, Giuliana Cunéaz, Gohar Martirosyan, Ifor Duncan, Jaekyung Jung, Jonathan Monaghan, Lev Manovich, Liang Juhui, Manel De Aguas, MAPA+INST, Mariano Sardón, Martina Köppel-Yang, Matteo Stocco, Moon Ribas, Nazik Armenakyan, Neil Harbisson, Olga Shishko, Pol Lombarte, Porya Hatami, Sarah Sharp, Sara Tirelli, Sergey Kishchenko, Sergio S. Ferreira, Shahar Marcus, Shi Zheng, Sona Stepanyan, Sylvain Levy, Tanya Akhmetgalieva, Tobias Fisсher, Valeriana Berchicci, Yang Yongliang, Yann Novak, Zhang Wei, Zhou Tao.