Moment of Truth / Elena Rabkina, Photo: Ana Saldatava

Moment of Truth

Elena Rabkina (BY)

This installation doubled by a card game challenges the ambiguous and often slippery notion of “truth”. Moment of Truth is a metaphorical exploration mirroring the different narratives we are exposed to through our own choices of media, as well as the content curation performed by algorithmic search engines and social media feeds. The card game challenges visitors to assume the roles of journalists and editors, deciding which information is truthful enough to be published.

Photo: Ana Saldatava

Elena Rabkina (BY)

Elena Rabkina is a photo documentary and interactive artist, an activist, mentor and co-organizer of several art festivals in Minsk. She researches and documents the immaterial story of people, things and places, and the role of communities in them. Her artworks frequently reflect on mental health, migration, activism and community building.